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Most of the young men who are lonely and look for ladies to be with them are actually like children. They need someone to look after them, love them and satisfy their needs. Young men often patch up well with young and hot girls but their connection with the natured women is a lot better compared to them. This is because the young girls are not as matured to understand the childishand whimsical behaviour of these young men. They are definitely trained to satisfy the needs of a man but with age come experience and there is no second comparison to a woman who holds experience.

Housewife escorts in Bangalore are basically those women whose husbands don’t live with them due to their work as a result of which these women are left unsatisfied and they are always on a quest to find men who can help them with their performance. Sometimes some housewives join our agency to fulfil their needs as their husband cannot perform at all or they might have sexual problems as well.This is when they look for young and middle aged men who can satisfy them with their sexual drive and them in return also make love to them in the best way possible.

The young boys who have just started their sexual life always prefer to have these experienced women by their sides as they help them a lot in making the most out of these situations. Also their strength and force with which they make love can only be tolerated by the housewives as mostly the young men also vent out their unfulfilled ecstasy as a result of which the strength that they put is quite a lot. The bust size of these curvy women, the silhouette of their buttocks are all a big turn on for the young men who are still new and thriving to excel in the field of sexual happiness. The housewives also are mostly middle aged women who always want to get their dire sexual needs fulfilled by young boys.

The Bangalore housewife escorts are mostly woman who are well off and so they are not ready to go to any place that has problems with its safety matters. Instead these escorts only are open to go to your places with good amenities or to 5 star hotels so that no one is suspicious about their activities. These women are extremely cautious regarding the hygiene factor and they are also very health conscious. They will never indulge into any kind of sex that does not involve a condom as they do not want to be ailing with sexually transmitted diseases nor do they want to indulge in any kind of abortion.

Since they are termed as aunties by some and also housewife escorts by many others, it may seem that they are very old fashioned and they wear saree and keep hanging with the men once they spend some time with them but in our case this is not right. Our housewife escorts in Bangalore are extremely liberal minded and professional. Once their work is finished they will never have any plans to embarrass you inpublic. They’re well off but needy in one way and once their thirst is quenched they will never ask for more from any of the client.

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Most of the stories revolve around the fact that these clients are deprived of love and they do not get any time to get involved in sexual pleasure because life has become a bed of thorns for them. The Bangalore housewife escort service is not careless and they help the men unravel the secrets. They at first get naked and let the men feel their naked body and make him come out of the mood of serious work. There are instances where the lady puts his hand in her body and asks him to feel it up. He only revolves his hand on her body and the perfect figure, the firm breasts, the protruding nipples, the curvy waist, the strategic point of the navel, the ecstatic pussy and also the warmth between the two legs is just amazing and it drives the men mad.

The man now feels the body of the independent housewife escorts in Bangalore and kisses their whole body just like erotica stories. They do not leave any part of the boat open for any other space and these girls highly maintain themselves as a result of which their body and skin seems as smooth as soft butter. The housewifeescorts in Bangalore now give a long and juicy blowjob to the men giving special attention to their shafts and the tip of their shafts and tantalizes the sensation. She tickles the tip of the penis in such a way that the men go crazy and also instigate them to continue with that they are doing. After hours of keeping the penis in the mouth of the girls moves over to the scrotum and massages that with their tongue and makes circular patterns on them with their tongue. This makes the men go crazy and they enjoy this time a lot.

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Some of the services that they provide to the young boys are ad follows:

Amazing blowjobs which will drive them bonkers and they will come back to ask for more and more from them.

Our Bangalore call girls are extremely well trained in foreplay and this is what they specialise in, so they have profound training on how to lure the clients when they have a sexual encounter.

They will allow the boys to cum on their face, mouth and body and will enjoy every moment they spend with you

Satisfying fetishes and also indulging in role play with the young men sinking their heads in to their breasts so that they are able to experience paradise in their arms.

Trying different postures like doggie style, cowgirl posture, general missionary posture and also indulge in anal sexwith the young men.

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